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Give Yourself the Experience of Healing:  Mind, Body, Spirit, and Relationships!
Emotional Healing Therapy  allows you to 'let it go' ~ anxiety, depression, fear, anger, disappointments, pain, divorce, financial setbacks, grief, addictions, and much more! The results: transformational healing of your stress, relationships, and health. We help individuals release significant hurts, discover the root issues, and eliminate the body's automatic negative responses. This increases your capacity to quickly recover from life's curve balls ~ allowing you to love more, forgive easily, and create the life God designed you to experience from the beginning.

Therapeutic Massage releases toxins from the muscles, organs, and tissues in the body. Emotional release and healing often accompany this process. Massage Therapy decreases the stress in our mind, body, and spirit and ushers in health and vitality.
At Cupp Overflows Holistic Therapy, LLC, we provide two awesome therapies...Emotional Healing & Massage! Our vision is to make the world a better place by helping people love, heal, and forgive MORE! 

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"It was beyond helpful! After my first visit, I left there feeling like a weight had lifted. It did lift! I have not had any anxiety since that first session! My type of anxiety ruled my life. I had low self-esteem, low self-confidence and dealt with anxiety for 30 years. I was miserable. And with one session, I have never felt better! And those that know me, believe me and listen. They see the results! Everyday I am amazed at how calm I am under daily stressful situations. Thank you a hundred times over!"  ~ T.J. Jan. 2015
"After my session, I was free from the emotional paralysis that was keeping me stuck and unproductive. I have been able to think more clearly, and with joy and confidence, accomplish more tasks efficiently!" ~ C.C. Jan. 2015